The editor of SourceLair supports syntax highlighting for the following programming languages according to file extensions (case insensitive) out of the box:

Language File extensions
C .c, .h
C++ .cpp, .hpp
CoffeeScript .coffee
CSS .css
Elm .elm
Erlang .erl
Go .go
HTML .html, .htm
HTML (Django templates) - Available only in Django projects .html
HTML (EJS templates) .ejs
HTML (Twig templates) .twig
Fortran .f, .for, .f90, .f95, .f03
Pug (ex-Jade) .pug, .jade
Java .java, .class
JavaScript .js
JavaScript (JSX) .jsx
JSON .json
GeoJSON .geojson
Less .less
LiveScript .ls
Lua .lua
Markdown .markdown, .md
Objective-C .m
PHP .php, .ctp
Properties .ini
Plain text .txt
Python .py
ReStructured Text .rst
Ruby .rb
SASS .sass
Scala .scala
SCSS .scss
Shell .sh
SQL .sql
TOML .toml
TypeScript .ts
YAML .yaml, .yml
XML .xml

In addition, SourceLair syntax highlights the following files with the given syntax:

File name Syntax highlighting
.babelrc JSON
.bowerrc JSON
Dockerfile Dockerfile
.editorconfig Properties
.jshintrc JSON
.properties Properties
.pylintrc, pylintrc Properties
Berksfile Ruby
Gemfile Ruby
Pipfile TOML
Pipfile.lock JSON
Procfile, YAML
Rakefile Ruby
Vagrantfile Ruby
Yarn.lock Plain Text

If you can’t find the language you are looking for listed above, send us an email at