Gettext is the most widely used tool for creating multilingual software.

To use gettext in your SourceLair project, you have to take a few steps to download, build and install it from source.

Install gettext

To install gettext run the following commands in your project’s terminal:

# Step 0: Prepare directories
mkdir -p /mnt/data/.tmp
mkdir -p /mnt/data/.local

# Step 1: Download and extract `gettext`
cd /mnt/data/.tmp
tar -xzvf gettext_0.18.3.1.orig.tar.gz

# Step 2: Build and install gettext
cd gettext-
./configure --prefix=/mnt/data/.local
make install

# Step 3: Clean up
rm -r /mnt/data/.tmp/gettext_0.18.3.1.orig.tar.gz /mnt/data/.tmp/gettext-
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