SourceLair supports PHP as one of its default stacks, thus you have everything you need to start playing with your PHP application.

Bootstraping and frameworks

By default, when you create a new PHP project you get a bare minimum template to get started with your new PHP project. To use a PHP framework in your SourceLair project like Laravel, Symfony or CakePHP take the same steps you would if you were developing locally on your machine (download, install and include the appropriate files in your project).

Note: If you are using Symfony on SourceLair, you have to configure it to use Apache instead of its own development server. This brief presentation demonstrates how to do this:


Cloning your PHP project’s repo should work out of the box.


You can install your favorite PHP libraries by using composer. Composer is pre-installed in your SourceLair project and you can use it straight away in your terminal (e.g. composer require phpunit/phpunit).

Pre-installed PHP extensions