You can work with multiple tabs in SourceLair’s terminal, by using tmux.


To start working with tmux, start a tmux session by running the following command in your terminal:


This will open up a new tmux window and your terminal should look like this:

tmux window

Opening multiple tabs

To open a new tab in your current tmux session hit Ctrl + B and then C. After opening a couple of tabs should look like this, with your tabs indicated in the bottom:

Multiple tmux tabs

Moving among tabs

To move among these tabs hit the following keys:

  • Ctrl + B and then n to go to the next tab on the right
  • Ctrl + B and then p to go to the previous tab on the left
  • Ctrl + B and then {number} to go to the tab with number equal to {number} (e.g. 0 to go to the first tab)

Closing a tab

To close a tab, move to it and then hit Ctrl + B and then x and then hit y and Enter to confirm closing of this tab.

To learn more about how to use tmux, feel free to take a look at this sweet cheat sheet.