SourceLair needs a Procfile in each project in order to determine how to run its Web Server.


Your project’s Procfile should either be named Procfile or


Your project’s Procfile should be placed in its root directory.


Procfiles have a simplified YAML-like syntax in the following format:

name_of_process: command of process # this is a comment

Procfiles support multiple processes that can be ran simulaneously (e.g. one process for your project’s server, another for a worker etc.).

Look up priority

  1. SourceLair will first look for and attempt to run your project’s server from it.
  2. If it’s not available, SourceLair will look for Procfile and attempt to run your projects server it
  3. If neither nor Procfile are available, your project’s server won’t run

Further customization

If you are already using Procfile and in your project and you want to use another file for running your project’s server on SourceLair, you can:

  1. Create a new Procfile with any name (e.g. Procfile.sourcelair)
  2. Add your Procfile’s name to your project’s environment via the SL_PROCFILE environment variable

Example Procfile

web: python app/ runserver $PORT