General tips

When in doubt or in need of something, always start by trying the free text search of Command Palette.

General shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Open Command Palette Ctrl-Shift-P ⌘-⇧-P
Open Quickopen Ctrl-Shift-O or Ctrl-P ⌘-⇧-O or ⌘-P
Find in Files Ctrl-Shift-F ⌘-⇧-F
Toggle Console Alt-T ⌥-T
Toggle File Explorer Ctrl-\ ⌘-\
Focus on File Explorer Ctrl-Alt-E ⌘-⌥-E
Focus on Editor Ctrl-Shift-E ⌘-⇧-E
Open Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Alt-K ⌘-⌥-K

File Explorer

File Explorer tips

To optimize your workflow, utilize Quickopen for fast file navigation.

File Explorer shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Open Quickopen Ctrl-Shift-O or Ctrl-P ⌘-⇧-O or ⌘-P
Find in Files Ctrl-Shift-F ⌘-⇧-F
Toggle File Explorer Ctrl-\ ⌘-\
Open selected File Ctrl-Enter ⌘-Enter
Open selected Folder Ctrl-Enter or or l ⌘-Enter or or l
Go to first File/Folder Home Home
Go to last File/Folder End End
Expand all Alt-→ ⌥-→
Collapse all Alt-← ⌥-←
File Explorer Navigation , , j, k, PageUp, PageDown , , j, k, PageUp, PageDown


Console tips

To utilize the complete power of your console in SourceLair, make sure to read about how to use and change your default environment, how to customize your default server command and how to work with multiple terminals.

Console shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Toggle Console Alt-T ⌥-T
Toggle Fullscreen Console Ctrl-Alt-F ⌘-⌥-F
Close Tab Alt-W ⌥-W
Close all Tabs Alt-Shift-W ⌥-⇧-W
Activate Next Tab Ctrl-Alt-] ⌘-⌥-]
Activate Previous Tab Ctrl-Alt-[ ⌘-⌥-[
Activate Tab 1 Alt-1
Activate Tab 2 Alt-2
Activate Tab 3 Alt-3
Activate Tab 4 Alt-4
Activate Tab 5 Alt-5
Activate Tab 6 Alt-6
Activate Tab 7 Alt-7
Activate Tab 8 Alt-8
Activate Last Tab Alt-9
Copy Ctrl-Shift-C ⌘-C
Paste Ctrl-Shift-V ⌘-V


Editor tips

To optimize your experience with the editor, make sure to check out the available editor settings. Use them to customize the editor according to your needs.

Editor shortcuts

There are four available keymaps in SourceLair: Default, Sublime, Vim and Emacs-like. Depending on your active keymap, some of the Default shortcuts might not be available.

Default shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Save File Ctrl-S ⌘-S
Activate Next Tab Ctrl-Alt-] ⌘-⌥-]
Activate Previous Tab Ctrl-Alt-[ ⌘-⌥-[
Close active File Alt-W ⌥-W
Toggle Fullscreen Editor Ctrl-Alt-F ⌘-⌥-F
Preview File Ctrl-Enter ⌘-Enter
Execute File Ctrl-Enter ⌘-Enter
Code manipulation
Action Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Autocomplete (JavaScript, Python, CSS, HTML) Ctrl-Space ⌘-Space
Autocomplete (JavaScript, Python, CSS, HTML) Ctrl-Space ⌘-Space
Auto indent Shift-Tab ⇧-Tab
Indent more Ctrl-] ⌘-]
Indent less Ctrl-[ ⌘-[
Toggle comment Ctrl-/ ⌘-/
Delete line Ctrl-D ⌘-D
Undo Ctrl-Z ⌘-Z
Redo Ctrl-Y or Ctrl-Shift-Z ⌘-Y or ⌘-⇧-Z
Code navigation
Action Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Toggle Search in File Ctrl-F ⌘-F
Find Next Ctrl-G ⌘-G
Find Previous Ctrl-Shift-G ⌘-⇧-G
Goto definition (JavaScript, Python) Alt-. or Alt-Click ⌥-. or ⌥-Click
Get documentation (JavaScript, Python) Ctrl-I ⌘-I
Goto line Alt-G ⌥-G
Cursor motion
Action Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Go to start of document Ctrl-Home ⌘-↑ or ⌘-Home
Go to end of document Ctrl-End ⌘-↓ or ⌘-End
Go to line start Alt-← ^-A
Go to line end Alt-→ ^-E
Go to line text start Home Home
Go line up ^-P
Go line down ^-N
Go page up PageUp ⇧-^-V
Go page down PageDown ^-V
Go character left ^-B
Go character right ^-F
Go group left Ctrl-← ⌥-←
Go group right Ctrl-→ ⌥-→
Action Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Select All Ctrl-A ⌘-A
Rectangular selection Alt-Mousedrag ⌥-Mousedrag
Add multiple cursors Ctrl-Click ⌘-Click
Select Up Shift-↑ ⇧-↑
Select Down Shift-↓ ⇧-↓
Select Right Shift-→ ⇧-→
Select Left Shift-← ⇧-←
Undo selection Ctrl-U ⌘-U
Redo selection Alt-U ⌘-⇧-U

Sublime shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Go subword left Alt-← ⌥-←
Go subword right Alt-→ ⌥-→
Scroll line up Ctrl-↑ ^-⌥-↑
Scroll line down Ctrl-↓ ^-⌥-↓
Split selection by line Ctrl-Shift-L ⌘-⇧-L
Indent less Shift-Tab ⇧-Tab
Kepp only single top selection Esc Esc
Select line Ctrl-L ⌘-L
Delete line Ctrl-Shift-K ^-⇧-K
Insert line after Ctrl-Enter ⌘-Enter
Insert line before Ctrl-Shift-Enter ⌘-⇧-Enter
Select next occurrence Ctrl-D ⌘-D
Select scope Ctrl-Shift-Space ⌘-⇧-Space
Select between brackets Ctrl-Shift-M ⌘-⇧-M
Go to bracket Ctrl-M ⌘-M
Swap line up Ctrl-Shift-↑ ⌘-⇧-↑
Swap line down Ctrl-Shift-↓ ⌘-⇧-↓
Toggle comment Ctrl-/ ⌘-/
Join lines Ctrl-J ⌘-J
Duplicate line Ctrl-Shift-D ⌘-⇧-D
Transpose characters Ctrl-T ⌘-T
Sort lines F9 F9
Sort lines case insensitive Ctrl-F9 ⌘-F9
Next bookmark F2 F2
Previous bookmark Shift-F2 ⇧-F2
Toggle bookmark Ctrl-F2 ⌘-F2
Clear bookmarks Ctrl-Shift-F2 ⌘-⇧-F2
Select bookmarks Alt-F2 ⌥-F2
Wrap lines Alt-Q ⌥-Q
Delete line left of cursor Ctrl-K Ctrl-Backspace ⌘-K ⌘-Backspace
Smart backspace Backspace Backspace
Delete line right of cursor Ctrl-K Ctrl-K ⌘-K ⌘-K
Make upercase at cursor Ctrl-K Ctrl-U ⌘-K ⌘-U
Make lowercase at cursor Ctrl-K Ctrl-Space ⌘-K ⌘-Space
Set Sublime mark Ctrl-K Ctrl-A ⌘-K ⌘-A
Select to Sublime mark Ctrl-K Ctrl-A ⌘-K ⌘-Space
Delete Sublime mark Ctrl-K Ctrl-W ⌘-K ⌘-W
Swap with Sublime mark Ctrl-K Ctrl-X ⌘-K ⌘-X
Sublime Yank Ctrl-K Ctrl-Y ⌘-K ⌘-Y
Clear bookmarks Ctrl-K Ctrl-G ⌘-K ⌘-G
Show in center Ctrl-K Ctrl-C ⌘-K ⌘-C
Select lines upwards ⇧-⌥-↑
Select lines downwards ⇧-⌥-↓
Find under Ctrl-F3 ⌘-F3
Find under previous Ctrl-Shift-F3 ⌘-⇧-F3
Fold code Ctrl-Shift-[ ⌘-⇧-[
Unfold code Ctrl-Shift-] ⌘-⇧-]
Unfold all Ctrl-K Ctrl-0 ⌘-K ⌘-0 or ⌘-K ⌘-J
Replace Ctrl-H ⌘-H

Vim shortcuts

Vim keymap, is an enriched version of the Vim mode provided by CodeMirror and features the following:

  • All common motions and operators, including text objects
  • Operator motion orthogonality
  • Visual mode - characterwise, linewise, blockwise
  • Full macro support (q, @)
  • Incremental highlighted search (/, ?, #, , g#, g)
  • Search/replace with confirm (:substitute, :%s)
  • Search history
  • Jump lists (Ctrl-o, Ctrl-i)
  • Key/command mapping with API (:map, :nmap, :vmap)
  • Sort (:sort)
  • Marks (`, ‘)
  • :global
  • Cross-buffer yank/paste

For your convenience, we provide bellow some of the supported ex commands as well as the shortcuts for switching between normal, ex, insert and visual modes.

Ex commands
Action Command
Goto line :number
Add keymap :map
Add insert mode keymap :imap, :im
Add normal mode keymap :nmap, :np
Add visual and select mode keymap :vmap, :vm
Remove keymap :unmap
Undo :undo, :u
Redo :redo, :red
Set option :set, :se
Set option locally :setlocal, :setl
Set option globally :setglobal, :setg
Sort lines :sort, :sor
Find and replace text :substitute, :s
Suspend search highlighting :nohlsearch, :noh
Yank lines into register :yank, :y
Delete marks :delmarks, :delm
Display registers :registers, :reg
Execute commands for matching lines :global, :g
Show active theme or load specific theme :colorscheme, :colo
Ex commands - tab actions
Action Command
Move to next tab :tabnext, :tabn
Move to previous tab :tabprevious, :tabp
Open tab :tabnew, :tabe
Close tab :tabclose, :tabc
Close all but active :tabonly, :tabo
Save tab :w
Save and quit :wq, :x
Save all tabs :wa
Save and quit all :wqa
Quit tab (fails if there are unsaved changes) :q
Quit and throw away unsaved changes :q!
Quit all tabs (fails if there are unsaved changes) :qa
Quit all tabs and throw away unsaved changes :qa!
Insert mode
Action Shortcut
Insert before the cursor i
Insert at the beggining of the line I
Insert after the cursor a
Insert at the end of the line A
Append new line below current line o
Append new line above current line O
Insert at the end of the word ea
Exit insert mode Esc
Visual mode
Action Shortcut
Toggle visual mode v
Toggle linewise visual mode V
Toggle blockwise visual mode Ctrl-v or Ctrl-q
Exit visual mode Esc
Exit insert mode Esc

Emacs-like shortcuts

Emacs keymap based on the original Emacs keybindings but in some cases it is only a loose approximation. Also note that some emacs keybindings might not work on some OS/browsers due to bindings like Ctrl-W, Ctrl-T and Ctrl-N being handled directly by the browser.

Action Shortcut
Kill to end of line Ctrl-K
Mark one end of region Ctrl-Space or Ctrl-Shift-2
Cut - after you Mark and move to other end Ctrl-W
Copy - after you Mark and move to other end Alt-W
Yank (paste) most recently killed (cut or copied) Ctrl-Y
Yank (paste) next most recently killed. Repeat to cycle Alt-Y
Move character right Ctr-F or
Move charcter left Ctrl-B or
Delete character from the right Ctlr-D
Delete selection or character from the right Delete
Delete character from the left Ctrl-H
Delete selection or character from the left Backspace
Move word forward Alt-F
Move word backward Alt-B
Kill word to the right Alt-D
Kill word to the left Alt-Backspace
Move line forward Ctrl-N
Move line backward Ctrl-P
Move to line start Ctrl-A or Home
Move to line end Ctrl-E or End
Move page up Alt-V or PageUp
Move page down Ctrl-V or PageDown
Move paragraph up Ctrl-↑
Move paragraph down Ctrl-↓
Move sentence backward Alt-A
Move sentence forward Alt-E
Kill sentence to end Alt-K
Kill sentence to start Ctrl-Alt-Backspace
Move expression forward Ctrl-Alt-F
Move expression backward Cltr-Alt-B
Mark to end of expression Ctrl-Shift-Alt-2
Transpose current with next expression Ctrl-Alt-T
Move to beggining of enclosing expression Ctrl-Alt-U
Add single space or replace multiple whitespace with one space Alt-Space
Replace selection with newline Ctrl-O
Transpose characters Ctrl-T
Capitalize current letter of word and lowercase the following letters Alt-C
Uppercase all following letters of word Alt-U
Lowercase all following letters of word Alt-L
Toggle line comment Alt-;
Undo Ctrl-/ or Ctrl-Shift-- or Ctrl-Z
Goto document start Shift-Alt-,
Goto document end Shift-Alt-.
Find next (while having an active search) Ctrl-S
Find previous (while having an active search) Ctrl-R
Quit search Ctrl-G
Open search and replace prompt Shift-Alt-5
Autocomplete Alt-/
New line and indent Ctrl-J
Enter new line Enter
Auto indent Tab
Goto line Alt-G G
Indent selection Ctrl-X Tab
Set selection Ctrl-X Ctrl-X
Save file Ctrl-X Ctrl-S or Ctrl-X Ctrl-W
Save all files Ctrl-X S
Open file Ctrl-X F
Undo Ctrl-X U
Close file Ctrl-X K
Delete sentence Ctrl-X Delete
Select all Ctrl-X H
Insert tab Ctrl-Q Tab


The editor also comes with the emmet plugin preinstalled. All you have to do is enable it from your editor settings. Check out Emmet’s official docs and cheat-sheet to master the power and easiness of Emmet.