SourceLair supports Node.js as one of its default stacks, thus you have nothing to do to start playing with your Node.js application.

Bootstraping and frameworks

By default, if you create a new Node.js project you get an Express.js project, but you can easily install any other Node.js framework you’d like, like Sails.js, koa, hapi, etc using our npm integration.


If you’re cloning an existing application, you just need to make sure the following prerequisites exist, in order to get it working with your Public URL properly.

  1. Your application is listening to port 3000, which is the default one for Express.js and most frameworks
  2. Your server script - defined in package.json - is called start


If you need any libraries, you can easily install them using npm - either using the fully featured Linux Terminal of SourceLair, or type npm install in the Command Palette.

package.json scripts

Most of the times, there are useful scripts in your package.json scripts section, like test or deploy. With the nice integration of SourceLair and Node.js projects, you can see those scrips in your Command Palette - just type “scripts” to see all your scripts, or your script name for faster searching and we’ll run it for you right away.